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Original artwork by Emily Adlard

Digital Art Prints

Each piece of art Emily creates is unique, taking time to perfect with multiple layers of digital paint, textures and colour in order to achieve her intended emotional response and distinctive style.

Printed onto high quality, textured Fine Art paper using eco friendly, state of the art technology, each print is carefully hand embossed for authenticity and signed by the artist.

Emily creates paintings that are bursting with character and colour and are sure to add a little something extra special to your living space.

If you have a larger space you need to fill or are interested in a different print medium, please contact us directly here to discuss your specific requirements.


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What people are saying about Emily's art...

Love Emily Adlard Design pictures. I have one and it brightens my day, every day

Sarah C

I treated myself to your gorgeous Little Hedgehog print - my favourite animal - and it looks just right on my kitchen wall!

Lisa S

It's so clever how you capture their personality in the eyes!

Rebecca M

The expression, the colours... I love this!

Charlotte B

My daughter LOVED her Flaming Flamingo print and it fits perfectly in her bedroom 

Rachel S

Your Baby Penguin print was such an inspired 'new baby' gift for my nephew and looks gorgeous up in the nursery, thank you!

Jessica O

Absolutely thrilled Emily. Thank you!

Lotte S

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